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In our Translation Agency, you can also order and obtain officially and quickly the equipment for seals (stamps), seals and associated goods from one of the world leaders of stamp production i.e. COLOPStempelerzeugung Skopek GmbH & Co. KG, an Austrian company. Why do we offer COLOP products? COLOP is a successfully developing global company with a long-term experience and it provides its customers with the best products of global stamp business – a full and wide range of goods which surpass many existing analogues.

We offer to our customers:
- seal equipment:
- ink-filled seals;
- ink-filled stamps;
- metal seal equipment;

- production of seals;

- liquidation of seals;

List of documents necessary for ordering a seal:

- Certificate of State Registration of Enterprise/Company;

- Extract from the State Register of Legal Entities;

- Application for production of a company seal signed by the company executives;   

- A copy of director’s passport;

- Company seal (if available);

Bear in mind that high-quality equipment for your seal and a well-made seal/stamp is a part of brand identity of your company.  

For more details on how to order a seal or associated items please, contact our operators. HERE