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APOSTILLE is a stamp set on the documents for approval and confirmation of their validity and legal effect. The procedure of apostillizing cancels the requirement of legalization of foreign official documents by government agencies, embassies and consulates of countries where the documents are to be recognized. The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova is in charge of placing apostilles on the documents issued by the states parties to the Hague Convention as of 05.10.1961 in compliance with this Convention and Government Decree no. 163 as of 15.02.2007.

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova places an apostille on official documents executed in the Republic of Moldova such as:

- certificates of civil status issued after February 24, 1998;

- documents issued by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communication;

- police clearance certificates or other documents issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

- education certificates which should be submitted together with a confirmation from the educational institution issuing the education certificate;

- notarial deeds;

- court judgments or other documents issued by judicial authorities, including courts, public prosecution agencies, court clerks or enforcement agents;

- certificates issued by the National Social Insurance Office which certify the length of employment;

- medical certificates issued by the Specialized Medical Centre for Emigrants and Immigrants and National Scientific and Research Centre of Preventive Medicine/Centre of AIDS Prevention and Control;

- other documents issued by public authorities of the Republic of Moldova for legal entities and individuals, etc.

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