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Our Translation Agency provides professional services of translation (transmittal of written text from one language into another) and interpreting (conveying meaning in oral form).


AN AUTHORIZED TRANSLATION means translation of a document under hand and seal of a translator who has obtained the official authorization of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova. By setting his/her hand and seal on the translated document, the translator certifies the accuracy of translation and absence of changes in the original text and/or in the meaning of separate words or phrases and he/she assumes responsibility for the translation performed.    

NOTE: – only the translation done by an authorized translator can be notarized later. In this case, it becomes a notarized translation.   

NOTE: – if you want an authorized and notarized translation, you should submit only original documents for translation and they should comply with the notarization regulations set in the Republic of Moldova.   

After that, the customer chooses one of two types of notarized documents/translations:    

- a notarized translation is attached to a notarized copy of document;

- a notarized translation is attached to an original document.


For more details on your document/translation please, contact our operators. HERE

TRANSLATION OF TEXTS, including SPECIALIZED ones. The majority of these translations do not require notarization or the customer does not need it. It is important to do translation of such a document accurately, professionally and completely. Only specialists qualified in a concrete field are able to fulfill this task and provide high-quality services. We do translations of texts/documents in the following fields:

-  scientific and technical,
-  economic,
-  legal,
- financial and banking,
- medical,
- information and communication,
- mass-media and advertising, etc.

The price of this type of translation may vary depending on the volume of translation, deadlines, which the customer sets to the translation agency, and urgency of performance, if there is such.