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The INTERPRETATION means oral rendering of meaning from the source language into the target language. The interpretations can also be conventionally divided into authorized and simple.    

- The authorized interpreters are engaged by the Superior Council of Magistracy, Ministry of Justice, public prosecution bodies, criminal prosecution bodies, courts of the Republic of Moldova, register offices (including marriage registration with foreigners), notaries (execution of powers of attorney, purchase and sale contracts, other services in the presence of foreign citizens, etc.), lawyers and enforcement agents.     

-Simple interpretations are done at business meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.

This type of activity requires a good command of working languages, extensive knowledge in this sphere, spontaneity and ability to cope with unpredictable situations, which may arise in the process of interpretation. Our interpreters possess all these qualities.       

The rates of interpreting services vary depending on the degree of complexity and specific nature of language, on time spent, place and number of interpreters in the room (in case of simultaneous interpretation). An hourly rate is set for interpreting at a marriage ceremony or during signing of notarial documents. A day price is fixed for business meetings, conferences, symposia, etc.

The maximum time of interpretation is 6 hours per day, 20% over the basic rate is charged for a longer period of time; the time is measured upon the interpreter’s arrival to the customer; for trips outside Chisinau, the customer provides transport, accommodation and meals for the interpreter(s) in decent conditions.    

NOTE: The authorized/simple interpretation should be ordered in advance.  

For more details on interpreting please, contact our operators. HERE